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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

“A community of imperfect people, centred on Jesus Christ, growing together in faith, hope & love.”



Our Values

Intimacy - with God

We believe that God made every person to be in a relationship with him.  We believe that this relationship is made possible through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is expressed through intimate worship, which we do together as we gather but also as individuals commit to follow and serve Jesus in their everyday lives.

Involvement - with the World

We believe that God asks each of us to partner with him in bringing hope and transformation to individuals and to society as a whole. We believe that our worship of God will inevitably lead to us to become a church that engages with our city at every level.  This is expressed in a hands-on, get involved attitude that sees us offer practical projects and initiatives that bring good news and hope to our world.


Interdependence - with each other

We believe in a God who exists as a community we call the Trinity; one God united as three parts Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We believe we are also made to reflect this desire for union with others, in fact we think that nobody can know satisfaction or reach their potential without honest, deep relationships.  This is expressed through a commitment to one another, to be open to, to share with and to care for others in our church through social activities, small groups, gathering together to worship and through genuine friendship.

Inclusion - with everyone

We believe that every human being is made in the image of God.  We believe that God desires to know all people without exception and through Christ, has shown endless grace towards all people, whilst none of us deserve it, he loves everyone with an equal passion.  This is expressed in seeking to be a welcoming and inclusive community that loves and welcomes others regardless of background, social standing, gender, disability, sexuality or ethnicity.



Integrity - with all we do

We believe in the integrity of a God who has kept his word from the very beginning.  We believe that the church, of all places, must reflect this consistent and inspirational attitude. This is expressed in doing what we say we do, in not judging one another and in transparent systems, leadership and relationships.