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Roots To Growth

Partnering with Roots to Growth in Steyning.

Roots to Growth offer a place to gather, grow, learn, share and be inspired. A place to plant, tend, care, harvest, cook and to enjoy. A place where people gain a connection to the land, work with it, embracing the natural cycles and seasons, being in harmony and creating a sense of personal peace.

A place that supports individuals, yet reaches beyond into the local communities and their sustainability. A place that doesn't just create community on site but supports new communities, friendships and networks in the surrounding areas.

A place of love, laughter, fun, joy, smiles and great food! A place where you can breathe in life and it also sticks to your feet!

Roots to Growth run therapeutic groups, community days and workshops offering opportunities to achieve therapeutic, educational and vocational goals. They also offer the opportunity for companies to spend to the day on site, team building and doing their bit towards social responsibility.

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