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Pastoral Care Team

As a church we encourage a community where we can all share and support each other. Small groups are an ideal way to look out for each other as you deepen relationships with a small group of people. There may be times where you need additional support or if you're not part of a small group and need specfic personal advice, support, and prayer, 

Sometimes we face particular crises in our lives and we need the support of our church family. Our Pastoral Team are there to support those in need. This may be to those who are sick in hospital or at home, or recently bereaved, or who are isolated through a lack of mobility or old age.

Our Pastorol Team meet regularly to pray for and plan support for the people of One Church. If you have any needs or would like to pass along any prayer requests or concerns, feel free to email the group at

All emails will be treated confidential and will be contained within the group.


If you prefer to chat face to face, the members of this team are:

Dave Steell

Rosemary James

Michelle Szobody

Claire Vinen

Dave Ballard

John Weaver

Saskia Buchannan

Tal Campbell