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Why We Sing

Unfortunately first five minutes missing


Abby Guinness

Why We Meet

Ben started our new series 'Why do we do the things we do? with 'Why we gather together at all?' Ben encouraged us to look up together and as we do we will find in our hearts the love for each other.


Ben Szobody

Jonah - Chapter 4

Dave spoke about how our natural inclination to 'look after number one' is at odds with God's heart to always be reaching out to the lowest, the least and the lost. Completing our series on the book of Jonah.


Dave Steell

Jonah - Chapter 3

Jonah 3 - Dave looked at how we can sometimes feel like we're a problem that needs solving instead of allowing ourselves to believe that God sees us as a solution to a problem.


Dave Steell


Ed spoke about Zacchaeus and challenged us to consider the 'trees' of religious activities that we climb in order to see Jesus instead of realising that his invitation to a deeper relationship with him is constant and freely available.


Ed Wyeth

Jonah - Chapter 2

Dave looked at Jonah 2 and talked about how the thought of Jonah speaking out a prayer of praise whilst in the belly of the fish was actually more unbelievable than being swallowed by the fish in the first place! We learned that believing in God's close proximity whether in good times or bad, but especially in the belly of the 'beasts' that all of us face, is His greatest and most comforting promise.


Dave Steell

Jonah - Chapter 1

Jonah and in particular the part of the story where he finds himself on a ship in the middle of a storm, Carl challenged us to think about how Jonah's honest and vulnerable belief in God, even a God who he was running away from, brought salvation to his fellow sailors.


Carl Haines and Dave Steell

Jonah - Intro

Dave began a new series looking at the book of Jonah and asking us to consider the things that God might be calling us to do, through looking at the 'within' pointers of our skills, gifts, circumstances and character as well as the 'without' influences of other people's affirmation, scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Dave Steell

Finding Jesus Again - Disbelief To Belief


Sue Cunningham

Finding Jesus Again - His Death

Dave got us thinking about the death of Jesus and how this was his crowning moment, his overcoming of the power of evil through loving sacrifice.


Dave Steell