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Pride in the Family

Brighton Pride Saturday 5th August 2017 11am onwards Come and meet at Gloucester Place to be a positive Christian presence on the parade route.

Last year people from One Church Brighton stood on the steps of Gloucester Place to give their love and support to people on the Pride parade. It was a deeply moving experience as those on the parade looked at our banners and realised that we were celebrating alongside them not condemning or judging. Faces turned from being worried and angry to smiling and weeping – people thanked us by running out of the crowd to hug us or putting their hands together in a prayerful way and mouthing ‘Thank you’ from their floats.  Outside Gloucester Place people posed for selfies in front of our ‘All things Brighton and beautiful’ banner.

As LGBT Christians, it was a great and moving experience to be standing with our faith family celebrating the life of our LGBT family. However, what became apparent to us was that many of the people standing alongside us on the steps of Gloucester Place were parents, siblings, children, cousins and friends of LGBT people and this year we thought it would be great to celebrate the family members of LGBT people and to hear the stories from Christian parents, friends and family members. 

Families and friends have often been on their own journeys in respect of their LGBT loved ones, often in difficult circumstances, yet these are stories we rarely hear. It is in these stories that we can see the connections between church, family and LGBT folk, the bonds that are common between us all.  Sharing stories also helps other families and friends who may be isolated or struggling with feelings of shame or fear. 

So to celebrate these relationships we would like to invite you to share your stories. This would be for the weeks of the Pride season, and the shared stories will be published on the OCB website with links from both LOOC and the Facebook page. These stories can carry your name or if you prefer be anonymous – we can help anybody who wants to tell their story but who doesn’t like writing - just ask. 

If you would like to share your story please submit a short piece (between 200 and 400 words) to or give a paper copy to Nina and Avril. We would love to hear from you. (If you wish to remain anonymous please make sure that you state this, or submit with no name) 

We will as a church be at Gloucester Place again this year for the Pride parade so put Saturday 5th August in your diary and watch out for more details.


Nina and Avril