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One Church Women's Escape

Our theme - 
As a group of women, we feel it will be empowering to explore the theme of creating authentic relationships with others and with God. We often hide behind guilt, shame, insecurities... masking our vulnerability from each other.... yet each of us experiences the deep emotions of life and share so much common ground.  How can we reveal more of our real selves to each other without judgement, to foster a deeper relationship? How can we develop our intimacy with God knowing that he truly sees us and loves us? We are creating space to explore these questions through talks, exercise, craft, food, creating, just hanging out... and we guess the odd glass of wine. 



The practicalities:

  • Cost - £25 for an overnight stay and all food
  • £10 for day visit including food 
  • Financial help available - please ask Donna
  • Location - St Bartz,  Barcombe, Near Lewes  BN8 5EE
  • Accommodation - Dormitories with 2 single rooms - allocated according to need (max 28 people)
  • Transport - Best reached via car.  Car shares are possible - let Donna know when you book what your needs are.
  • Food - Bring & share - curry and cake, breakfast and lunch provisions on Saturday will be prepared together but provided by OCB.