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Homelessness Sunday Followup Resources

Last Sunday was Homelessness Sunday (24th January) and to followup on some of the hard realisations that we spoke about, we thought it would be helpful to some some resources with you.

There were several pojects mentioned, here's some further details on them and ways you may be able to get involved:


Off the Fence- Specifically project Antifreeze offering drop-ins and support for some of Brighotn's street homeless details here.

The Rough Sleeper's Team is a team of people who will visit those sleeping rough to bring any needed supplies or just to chat. If you see anyone you would like to see visited, you can go here and report a sighting or ring the number to bring assistance.

Hannah and Tim spoke about the clinic they work at where they help just a fraction of the homeless people of Brighton on Morley Street. If you'd like to donate shoes or would like more details, drop Hannah a line.

Tim was interviewed for the Argus concerning the rising deaths in those who are homeless. You can read it here.

Justlife: works with people in temporary and emergency accomodation and have several drop ins and services accross the city.

YMCA: Work to provide supported housing and accomodation.

Night Shelter is a city-wide project we're apart of that provides accomodation and meals to some of Brighton's street homeless during the Winter months (November-March). One Church hosts on Wednesday nights.

Street Pastors: Al and Lily are a part of the teams of people who spend some of their Friday nights walking the busiest streets of Brighton supplying water, assistance and other essential things to people who are out and in need of help. If you'd like more info on the Brighton Branch, speak with them.


If you'd like any additional information, or have specific questions, please feel free to chat to Donna.