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Easter at One Church

Easter... Reflection and Celebration with One Church.

Easter is a crucial time in our year together and one which draws us in to our interdependence and intimacy with God.  We seek to create a space where we can reflect on the life and sacrifice of Christ. We celebrate His resurrection and the power which this generates in our lives, together as a community of people and as individuals.

We imagine how it might have been in His final days and create some of the powerful emotions of this time by coming together over the Easter week in a variety of different ways.  Come feast with us, mourn with us and be filled with joy as we journey through the week together.

Passover Meal
Tuesday 11 April @ 7pm
Florence Road

A simple feast: Lamb, houmous, salad, wine, the company of each other and Christ as we remember the festival that drew Jesus and his friends to Jerusalem. 


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Good Friday service
Friday 14 April @ 7pm
Florence Road

A time of contemplation and mourning as we bear witness to Christ's sacrifice and the emotions of His Disciples.  With music and readings we'll sit in the darkness of Good Friday

Beach Sunrise Service
Sunday 16th April @ 8am
to the East of the Palace Pier

The heady combination of coffee, hot cross buns and nature as we celebrate the joy of His resurrection. This time together also includes dedicating baby Kit.

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Easter Sunday service and meal
Sunday 16 April @ 10.30am
Florence Road

We revel in the resurrection of Christ together in our Sunday service of communion.  Afterwards there is the opportunity to eat together, potentially al fresco, with our wider community including rough sleepers who join us every third Sunday.  

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