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A call to action…


Back in September, when I first came to One Church, I was feeling really overwhelmed, paralysed even, by what was happening in the world politically and on a humanitarian front.  I had always experienced church as something passive, which is why I hadn’t engaged much despite my deep faith.  So it was really empowering, a relief to be honest, when I realised that One Church is essentially a structure, allowing us as individuals and as a community to engage more easily in the issues which face our city and world.  Anchored by the values of One Church, we are all encouraged to actively participate using our skills and passions.  


I love the fact that One Church is so responsive to current needs and also to people’s passions and longings.  It is an edgy, surrender to God, kind of approach, but one which has of course paid off.  We have seen Chomp grow from a small group’s desire to do something about holiday hunger into a project which operates 12 clubs across Brighton and has served over 6000 meals.  Though we can’t measure the impact of each of those meals, I am convinced that stories that sit behind are what we are really hoping for: the single Mum who now has a support network of friends, the Dad who has been signposted to benefits help, the child who can play with a full belly – they all speak of transformation and hope.


This year as we take our projects forward, we are also offering support to others who want to do something.  Kate Standing has set up Room for Home which helps those who are vulnerably housed to improve their living surroundings.  She is a creative interior design guru and had an inkling that there was a need.  We have offered her some support and resource and in the first six months of her project she was told that her input into someone’s tiny living space had ‘saved’ their life. Kate is doing all the hard work, but we have gathered around her, made our interdependence known and become involved where she has needed.  What could have been an isolating, challenging experience going it alone, has become a life changing success already.  


So, what has this got to do with you? Well, it is a reminder that your faith in Christ is a calling to action and One Church supports you in this.   It’s humbling to think about all the volunteer hours that already go into our projects, and it like an abundance machine, the more you feed it, the more it desires…. so there is always need for you and there are wide ranging opportunities.  We are looking for people with specific skills – particularly relational, financial, practical and organisational and we are keen to help develop ideas which clearly link to our values. So, come and talk to me – you can email me ( or catch me after church and over the next few weeks, I will be outlining some specific volunteering opportunities.



Operations Manager