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Book Recommendations For Current Sunday Series

As we go through this series looking at who Jesus really was and is, as well as preparing ourselves well for Easter, this would be a great time to read something to challenge your assumptions. The obvious, and best, place to start is by reading through the gospels as well as looking at books like Colossians and Ephesians for Paul's perspective on who Christ was.  There's also some great books out there and here's a few that Dave recommends:

  • Jesus Manifesto - Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola (Accessible but challenging introduction to the subject)
  • Simply Jesus - Tom Wright (One of many books on Jesus by one of the key theologians on the subject)
  • The Jesus I never knew - Philip Yancey (Very well written and easily readable)
  • Jesus through Middle Eastern eyes - Kenneth Bailey (A brilliant look at Jesus from a different perspective, challenging and long but worth it!)
  • The Secret Message of Jesus - Brian McClaren (Pretty much anything written by McClaren is worth reading and this focus on Jesus is profound but readable)