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Nightshelter Volunteering

From the start of November 2018, we'll be lookig for vounteers to help out at our Nighshelter offering homeless people a safe place to stay workig in collaboration with other churches in the city. If you're interested in helping with the homeless crisis in Brighton, we do a year-round project providing a meal once a month on a Sunday. Please chat wtih Pam for more information.

Details on getting involved in the Night Shelter for November 2018:


  • cooking

  • set up & clean up

  • serving meals

  • engaging in meaningful conversations with rough sleepers


We host every Wednesday-Thursday from mid November through the two weeks of January.


Email Pam if you'd like more information. Or click Here to view the Volunteers Handbook!


Here is a summary of the volunteer slots needed each week:



1st Shift: 7-10:30 pm (around 8 people)

general set up, dinner pep, serving & cleanup.


Overnight Shift: 10:15-6:30 am (3 people)

*we do need females on this shift.


Morning Shift: 6:15-8:30 am (around 6 people)

Breakfast making, serving, & cleanup.



Contact Info: Please contact Pam if you are interested in volunteering.